Injuries are part of every sport that requires some degree of physical activity. Skateboarding is one of those sports in which players get hurt on a constant basis through failed tricks and falls.Falling is a huge problem in skateboarding as concrete can cause injuries that require a lot of time to heal. Every skater went through the learning process, and they experienced a lot of small injuries during it. The reason they didn’t stop skating is due to gear that prevented serious injuries.

Expensive gear will save you

 The price will, in most cases, determine the quality of the skateboarding equipment. Buy cheap equipment, and it might fall apart upon contact with the concrete and fail to protect you. Cheap gear is plastic that isn’t created to withstand impacts and to prevent injury. It might look nice, but it will fail to do its duty. A quality gear is expensive as it contains materials that will soften the impact during the fall. If you plan on doing some complicated tricks, then you will have to gear up. The number of falls you will experience is high and proper equipment will prevent all types of injury. You might end up with few scrapes, but that is better than breaking an arm or some other part of the body.

Skateboarding brands that make excellent gear

“Isle” is one of the best brands when it comes to skateboarding gear. This company doesn’t have a long history (founded in 2014), but the quality of their products is superb. The only downside of this business is that it doesn’t make safety gear, but only decals and other essential equipment. Pro-Tec tends to surprise the market with their cutting-edge products. One of those is pads that can protect knees from even the most extreme falls.  Only the professional skaters tend to buy this gear due to its steep price. If you consider skateboarding as a hobby then you should avoid this brand as it is expensive when compared with some other brands that make similar, but lower quality equipment.