Every skateboard trick is a unique set of moves that work together to create the final product. Some people find tricks difficult because they forget about basics of the skateboard. They forget that learning skills require knowledge of the basics and they fail because they only want to learn the trick and nothing else apart from that.

How to build a trick out of nothing?

Every trick is a creation that contains several moves, and each of them has to be perfectly executed to create a successful trick. So, every beginner should start with basic moves and tricks as they tend to be a part of more complicated moves that everyone wants to do. Ollie is one of the most important tricks to learn as it a major move you will use in a lot of complicated maneuvers.  The importance of this trick lies in the fact that it represents a jump that doesn’t require any speed. This move requires the knowledge about foot placement, timing, and balance. Bending the knees and kicking one side of the skate while pulling the other leg up will result in a jump. Practice until you reach perfection (you can look at videos to see whether you did it well or not).Nollie is similar to Ollie, or to be more precise; it’s the next level of the jump. The difference between these two is the movement which is present in the Nollie. So, this move is just the Ollie done while moving. This is a nice trick, and it is a foundation for the majority of jump moves.

Manual – AN essential skill in skateboarding

  Learning how to control the skateboard is the first step in learning tricks. Manual is a form of skateboard control that is critical in doing maneuvers that you can only see in professional videos. This move is like a wheelie on a bike or a bicycle. This step is all about the balance and the foot position. Learning complicated tricks will be easy once you master this control skill.  You should first try to do it without moving to reduce the chance of falling and causing injury.