Welcome to the homepage of one of the most prominent extreme sports competitions. Newtonplayground is a contest organized on an annual basis and 2017 will mark ten years since the first event. Like any other year, this competition will invite some of the best Australian athletes across three extreme sports and allow them to show what they can do. The event will include a skateboard, wakeboard and sand board events where players will perform their tricks in front of judges who are highly knowledgeable about the sport. We have high expectations for this year as we invited many prominent names from the world of extreme sports.

About us

This homepage is just an extension of the organization that is behind this event. Our goal is to promote Australian extreme sports and to gather professionals at one place and let them show us what they are capable of. We try to invite as many of the professional athletes as possible to improve the competitive aspect of the event and to force players to give their best. Our organization was created eleven years ago, and its primary agenda is an annual organization of this competition. The core of our company are the Australian athletes that stopped practicing their discipline and decided to spread the word about extreme sports to the wider populace.  We gathered support from sponsors as well as from government which allowed us to expand the scope of the competition as years went by. We also attracted foreign parties, and we will discuss more that after the event ends.



 This event lasts for four days with the closing ceremony happening on the eve of the final day.

  The first day is reserved for amateur skateboarding and qualifiers for wakeboarding and sand boarding.

 The second day is dedicated to finals of amateur events and additional qualifiers for professionals (if they are necessary).

 The third day is reserved for semifinals of wakeboarding as well as semifinals and finals in sand boarding.

 Semifinals of skateboarding, as well as finals in both the skateboarding and wakeboarding, happen on the last day of this event.